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Italian Design Expertise customised for indian Kitchen needs
Kitchens in India come in different shapes and sizes depending on the location, building structure and the size of the family. Taking all these factors into consideration, we include several well thought out details that are unique to Indian kitchens, and create special designs for the people who use them.
Customise Everything
Modular kitchen units help you make the most of the space available. By utilizing the space to its maximum potential, we create plenty of storage possibilities to suit all your requirements. We offer a wide range of products and features which we curate and design according to the layout of your kitchen and build a space suitable for the way you wish to use it.
CCI Veneta
Our Everyday range focusses on maximizing functionality and turns dream projects into a reality. We improve everyday living. The character of the basic kitchen for a small family takes shape and is expressed by taking maximum advantage of the space's design potential. We showcase the relationship between form and function, which enables you to create innovative appearances. We craft our creations in such a way that ensures seamless transitions from compact to designed configurations.
CCI Veneta
Our designers identify solutions which combine creative simplification with functionality. Keeping in mind the essentials needed in every kitchen, we offer you, the customer, greater freedom of choice.
CCI Veneta
The research and development that goes into our products combines the skill of our finest craftsmen with methods of industrial culture. This is a concept intended for people who go beyond the usual distinctions between classic and modern. Our Exclusive range has the best of everything, right from the raw materials to the finish, to the technology, thus using Exclusivity, Élan and Excellence as the core values on which a new, contemporary style is based.
CCI Veneta
A return to practicality and a quest for tangible quality are the underlying concepts which unite the world of Tradition with local culture. This collection of projects of timeless beauty is the result of processing procedures that embody the values of both skill and experience by expressing the manual nature that goes into creating our designs to the fullest possible extent.
CCI Veneta
These are kitchens designed by the best designers in the world. Our cutting edge and modern creations are an expression of a new relationship between design and function. The idea of optimum space maximization is surfacing in a renewed concept of contemporary design. We bring you the most successful combinations of appearance, enhanced functionality, reduced space requirements and innovative shapes. We reinvent and customize your existing spaces, transforming your kitchen into the best that it can be.
Complete Kitchen Solution
We pride ourselves on being there for you throughout your journey. With our varied selection of kitchen cabinets, appliances, accessories, finishes and more, we make sure you get all your kitchen needs tended to by our team of experts. Whether it's choosing the perfect combinations or overseeing product installation, we are here to guide you through it all
Crafted with Care
In addition to providing you to with expertly crafted designs and hand-picked products, we do the heavy lifting. Essentials such as electrical work and installing the gas line are also taken care of so that there is no extra effort or co-ordination required from your side. With our experts overlooking all aspects of your kitchen renovation, we guarantee that you will get what you asked for.
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